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Qualitative Research

Great qualitative research involves clear conceptualization of the issues, targeted recruiting, expert facilitation and insightful analysis. The moderator needs to establish strong rapport with respondents, and encourage them to dig deeply into their perceptions and feelings.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to qualitative research. My work incorporates a variety of approaches which reflect each project’s needs, including direct questioning, projective techniques and Improv theater exercises. Focus groups, mini groups, triads, individual interviews, ethnographic exploration, online interviews and other approaches offer an arsenal of tools to address the issues at hand.

I work with the best qualitative research field suppliers in the country and abroad. These are state-of-the-art facilities, which I have personally vetted and selected for their responsive staff and meticulous recruitment. Some projects call for non-traditional approaches, and I also conduct interviews in a number of unusual and interesting environments, including the famed Improv Comedy Club in NYC!

I have experience in a wide range of categories, with particular expertise in:
• Automotive
• Beverages
• Children & Teens
• Idea Generation and Product Naming
• Medical and Pharmaceuticals
• Package goods
• Photography
• Restaurants and Food Services

• Technology

• Telecommunications





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