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Qualitative Research

I have been a focus group moderator for over 25 years. In that time, I have worked with some of the most iconic brands and companies in the marketplace, uncovering consumer insights, developing product concepts and providing feedback and direction for effective advertising.

My work experiences have provided me with a unique set of skills. I received my doctoral degree in psychology from the University of Michigan, spent several years in advertising research at DDB, and am a founding member and Executive Producer of Chicago City Limits, NYC’s legendary improv theater company.

I can address any and all of your qualitative research needs, with cost-conscious project design, expert facilitation and insightful analysis.

Idea Generation

My business experience and improv background have provided me with some great tools and techniques to effectively lead idea generation sessions. Improv exercises and techniques help participants think out-of-the-box, build upon each other’s efforts and identify the “big ideas”.

NameGaming™ takes brainstorming to the next step. This unique approach to generating product names and concepts taps into the creativity of some of the most innovative people around -- NYC’s top improv actors and comedians. These theater professionals make their living by understanding what makes their audiences tick and using those insights to instantly work their magic on stage. My team has extensive experience working with companies and products. Let’s put them to work for you!


Unlock your team’s potential. My improv trainers can help groups realize their creative potential and work together more effectively. These hands-on sessions introduce skills and strategies that improvisers use to stimulate their creativity, enhance group dynamics and maximize the team’s efforts. The process is instructive, introduces great teambuilding practices, and - perhaps most importantly - a lot of fun. While improv theater techniques are used in these sessions, success does not require participants to have performance skills or experience.




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